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Natural Products Expo Virtual Booths

Through Natural Products Expo Virtual booths, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers will have the ability to showcase their brand throughout 2021, including during three Spark Change virtual events and during any virtual components of Natural Products Expo West and Expo East, in a simple, high-impact way. This is an opportunity to highlight new and exciting products, stay connected to the natural products community, including influential buyers (partial list of 2020 retailers) and members of the press (partial list of 2020 press), and deliver rich company content. 

*taxes may apply
  • Showcase your new or leading products or services, including all pertinent information that buyers need to make informed decisions, while also allowing you to highlight your innovation and points of differentiation.*
  • Staff your Virtual Booth in a live manner during the three Spark Change events and during any virtual components of Natural Products Expo West and Expo East; the platform will also be accessible to buyers and attendees throughout the entire year and will notify you of any attendee meeting requests.
    • Schedule 1:1 video meetings.
    • Chat and answer immediate questions.
    • Capture leads of buyers who have interacted with your Virtual Booth.
  • Self-fulfill sample requests or add-on one of New Hope Network’s sampling opportunities.
  • Easily highlight key points of differentiation through hosting of content and multiple branding opportunities within your Virtual Booth.
    • Option to introduce your brand and build excitement within your space with a video or image header.
    • Feature images, product descriptions, special product attributes, prices, awards and more.
    • Load multiple documents to expand on your company’s connection or approach to the topic of each event throughout the year, share press releases, show specials and more.
    • Enhance your space with a prominent branded side rail that can be refreshed throughout the year to align with each event’s topic, announce new products or specials, and keep attendees coming back to see what’s new.
  • Virtual Booths will be searchable in a simple, easy-to-navigate way that allows for exploration via multiple means:
    • In alignment with the Natural Products Expo pavilions and specific buying categories, along with Spark Change themes when relevant.
    • Via intelligent product matching which will serve up targeted recommendations to make sure the right people see the right new products.
      • This AI technology is based on attributes both at the company and attendee level that will be selected during set-up within the platform to deliver data driven matches.
* To keep the compliance quality and integrity of your product presentations in  your Natural Products Expo Virtual Booth, the New Hope Network Standards Department will be reviewing your product labeling and marketing as we do at all Natural Products Expo events. Please contact if you have any questions regarding the Expo Standards.
Click below to see an example Virtual Booth:

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