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Connecting the Natural Products Industry anytime, anywhere.

Natural Products Expo Virtual is a platform focused on connecting buyers and sellers through a series of virtual events that provide information to support buying decisions throughout the year.

In 2020, Natural Products Expo introduced Spark Change, an effort that took buyers and sellers along a virtual journey of product discovery, networking and education to both address the challenges of the year and provide a meaningful virtual platform to help us all stay connected.

Because of the success of Spark Change 2020, in 2021 Natural Products Expo is launching a larger virtual experience called Natural Products Expo Virtual, where attendees will have the ability to request meetings, view brands’ products and content, as well as request samples during three Spark Change virtual events and during any virtual components of Natural Products Expo West and Expo East.

Natural Products Expo West and Expo East hybrid events are focused on an in-person experience for product discovery, networking, and industry trend discussions, with the addition of online education sessions as a resource for those who choose not to travel. The online education aspect of hybrid events will be supported on the Natural Products Expo Virtual platform.

Spark Change events are focused on uniting manufacturers, service providers, buyers, and sellers, through a series of product/service discovery activations and focused meetings. These events will complement our Natural Products Expo hybrid events by addressing the specific needs of our key audience members while providing engaging and meaningful virtual experiences throughout the year.

In 2021, the Natural Products Expo Virtual platform will support the following events:

Upcoming Event:

Natural Products Expo West Virtual Week – May 24-27, 2021

Expo West 2021 is going virtual! Expo West Virtual Week will feature virtual booths, a comprehensive sampling program, networking opportunities, curated retailer/buyer programs, and conference programming focused on product innovations and trends. If you are a buyer of natural and organic products, Expo West Virtual Week is being designed to better meet your needs, whether you’re an independent natural retailer, a large chain prioritizing natural or a buyer wanting to break into this increasingly important CPG segment.

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